Benefits Of Bird Feeders That Are Squirrel Proof

Heritage Farms Seed and Feed Absolute Squirrel Proof Bird FeederSquirrels, other rodents, and other types of undesirable birds that invade your backyard can do a great amount of damage. Bird feeder squirrel proof can prevent that from happening. These are easy to find and are reasonable in price. These feeders are available in many brands. You can visit a local supplier to see which squirrel proof bird feeders will fit the needs of the birds that you wish to invite to your back yard.

When you are selecting your bird feeder, you have to make sure that the feeder only keeps out the unwanted squirrels from eating the food that you put inside. You do not want it to discourage the bird species that you wish to attract to your garden. One of the more popular brands of squirrel proof feeders is the Yankee Squirrel Feeder. Many bird lovers in the U.S. use this brand of feeder because it makes it very hard for squirrels to get to the food and is very effective in protecting the food from being eaten by them. Feeders for hummingbirds and feeders that mount on windows are also very popular.

Birds are fearful of squirrels and rodents. If an area harbors many squirrels, the birds will not choose to live there. This is especially true for the spinner bird. You may have a specific species of birds that you want to attract, but if the wrong feeder is used, the rodents will get to the food regardless of how hard you try to prevent it. However, if you use the correct squirrel proof bird feeders, you can effectively prevent these rodents from invading your bird food supply.

Feeders make your birdhouse more effective in attracting more birds to your garden. For instance, blue birds like window feeders because these are out in the open and the birds can get to the food without difficulty. Hummingbirds like feeders that are brightly colored because they are attracted to the colors. The kind of birds that you wish to invite will determine the kind of feeders that you use. Pay attention to sparrows because they are not selective in the type of birdhouses they nest in, and you may find them in your birdhouses that are meant for other types of birds.

A birdhouse that has an attractive design and which has good feeders will attract many birds to your garden. Being able to witness new birds hatching from their nests and opening their eyes for the first time is very rewarding. When birds choose to nest in your birdhouses, as the builder of the birdhouses, you have an obligation to provide these birds with an adequate food supply. If food is insufficient, you force the mother bird to leave her young unattended in order to search for food elsewhere. This will leave the hatchlings unprotected from danger which can result in fatal consequences.

One way to help squirrel proof your bird feeds is to install the feeder on squirrel proof bird feeder pole. You can learn more about bird feeder squirrel proof at